Past Heroes

Geoffrey Rynne

Geoff worked as our Senior Sports Officer for the Eagle EDGE Academy of Sport (2008 -2010). He is still a member on our Advisory Group, giving advise in programming .

Dave Gavin

David is a policed sergeant with twenty years service in the Queensland Police Service. Dave has a diverse range of operational policing skills with over seven years experience in policing in Indigenous communities (3 years in the Cunnamulla community). Dave is a skilled craftsmen and passionate sportsman and has demonstrated his commitment through multiple community initiatives to empower the people of Cunnamulla for a positive move to a brighter future.

Gai Early

Gai has worked with community organisations (volunteer and as staff) for over 30 years with a particular interest in the arts and the benefits to young people in building self esteem and self discipline. Gai has worked for the Queensland Public Service (TAFE) mainly with Indigenous and long term unemployed youth; has a BA and Grad Cert Management in Writing, Editing and Publishing and is currently living in Cunnamulla.

John Blacket

John is a graduate of the University of Sydney in social work and divinity. For over thirty years he has worked as schoolteacher, community worker, Christian minister and co-worker with Indigenous people in western NSW, Arnhem Land, Central Australia and many other parts of the nation. He has been director of Khesed Ministries Inc. for 17 years. Author of “Fire in the Outback” and “Chosen”

Andrew Nolan


Bonnie Hood