We welcome the opportunity to discuss how you may partner with, Eagle EDGE Solutions. Please contact Wayne Dillon CEO on 07 4655 0567 mobile 0438 551 198 or by email at

Ways of partnering:

Giving of your time and resources,
A tax deductable gift,
Corporate sponsor,
Working for EES,
A bequest.
Your support will make a huge difference in the young lives of this out back community in providing desperately needed training opportunities, more real jobs in the community and further afield. Long term, these young people are not only the future of this community but we believe they will be used to help many other communities to dream big, awesome, scary transformational realities into many other places across this great nation. They will be part of the catalyst to help those entrepreneurial idea’s become positive realities.

A thought to ponder:

There are very few young people that finish year twelve in Cunnamulla despite the best efforts of the local school. They do an excellent job but most young people don’t think they will ever get much of a job, if at all.

Imagine if your support encouraged and practically enabled somebody to keep going, to rise above the barriers, to go on to University and become a doctor in this out back town! (We have had at least 50 visiting doctors in the past 3 years)

Please give generously. Many lives hang in the balance.

Sincere thanks,
Wayne Dillon

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