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Snapshot of Youth Show Ball 2015

A snapshot of photos of the Youth Ball and those that made the night a success.IMG_0788 IMG_0749 IMG_0748 IMG_0821 IMG_0736 IMG_0709 IMG_0699 IMG_0788 IMG_0670 IMG_0685 IMG_0690 IMG_0694 IMG_0696 IMG_0663 IMG_0666 IMG_0667 IMG_0668 IMG_0676 IMG_0651 IMG_0658 IMG_0659 IMG_0662 IMG_0632 IMG_0638 IMG_0641 IMG_0649 IMG_0630

Young Ladies enjoying the evening

Young Ladies enjoying the evening

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Youth Show Ball 2015

This year the ladies out did themselves in organizing the Youth Show Ball, to coincide with the Cunnamulla Show.

The Youth Ball is a joint program of Eagle EDGE Solutions and the Paroo Shire Youth Programs. The aim of the program is to provide a drug and alcohol free event for families and the community and to address the low self esteem that effects so many of our youth.

The young ladies and young men looked awesome in their outfits for the evening. Thank you to the hard work of families and a special thank you to Tammy Hickey who spent hours doing hair and makeup for the girls.

During the evening the judging of the Junior Prince/Princess, Prince and Princess and Miss Teen and Mr Teen.

Reward Trip for Excellence

Student’s enrolled in the Eagle EDGE Academy of Sport (Sporting Chance Program), have worked extremely hard during the year in different aspects of the program to gain a seat on the bus- destination Nelson Bay NSW. Students spent a glories week on the beach, swimming, dolphin cruise, shark & ray centre, celebration dinner at Hoggies, SCUBA Diving and Hummer Ride in the Sand Dunes.

Eagle EDGE Solutions delivered a Cert I & II Engineering Course to Year 11 & 12 Students enrolled in the Cunnamulla State School, where students worked after school 3 to 6pm in two week blocks to complete their certificates.

We had eleven girls enrolled in the Netball Program, who competed in competitions in St George and Toowoomba; four of the girls have been selected for the Queensland Indigenous Netball Team. These girls will travel to the Gold Coast in January for training and competitions.

The Sporting Chance Program is an Australian Government initiative that uses sport and recreation as a vehicle to increase the level of engagement of Indigenous students in their schooling to improve their education, training and employment outcomes.

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Cunnamulla Girls Netball Team – National Netball Carnival

Four of our girls have been selected for the Queensland Representative Team for 2015. They will travel to the Queensland Indigenous National Carnival to be held on the Gold Coast in January 2015.

Eleven girls participated in Toowoomba on the 17th October to play in the School Girls Indigenous Netball Trials. The four girls that were selected.

  • Tyanne Widgell 14 years
  • Marion Widgell 13 years
  • Jemma Thomas 12 years
  • Shyann Thomas 14 years.

The Girls are members of the Cunnamulla  Girls Netball team  who are trained under the Eagle EDGE Academy of Sport – coach Jane Dillon and Paroo Shire Youth Programs – coach Linda Wharton.  The girls have been training for the past two years, and when possible Linda and Jane take them away for competitions.

The girls’ training also includes playing with the ladies in the community. On a Monday night the girls enjoy their training, when they come up against, mothers, aunties and community members who are pleased to give of their time to help the girls train.   On a Wednesday and Friday morning at 6:30 the girls do water aerobics to build their body strength.  Well done girls on a huge job well done.

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Empowered, Challenged & Succeeded



Eagle EDGE Solutions was successful in gaining funding through the Prime Ministers & Cabinet Department to run the Sporting Chance Program for Indigenous High School Students in Cunnamulla. The flagship program was to provide a Certificate I & II Engineering program to assist students to gain skills before completing High School that would lead them to Employment or further Education.  The program includes the theory and practical elements of engineering as well as a work experience trip to Brisbane/Gold Coast to visit Engineering workshops.

2015 we have seen an additional nine students commence the program, and by the end of the year they will gain a Cert I & II in Engineering.


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  • 2014 – Yr 11 & 12 Students have completed a Cert I & II Engineering certificate.

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Eternity Magazine

Article in Eternity Magazine PDFEternity Magazine

“I am amazed at how much you have achieved. I was hoping that at the end of two weeks Ben would have his RA Restricted Certificate and maybe a NAV or two. You have achieved far more than that, probably more than anyone else could achieve regardless of age. God bless and God speed.”

Canoe Program

Youth Mentoring Program


Age Group
12years to 24 years.

Programs include

Counselling for youth’s and families
Camping trips
Youth mentoring programs, girls group, movie nights, games nights.
Youth mentoring trip,
Sporting programs for youth. Canoeing, Golf, touch footie, indoor soccer, netball, go karting, water sports.




Year 11 & 12 Youth Empowerment Program

Eagle EDGE Academy of Sport – Year 11 & 12 Incentive Reward Program.

This program was established to focus on engaging Year 11 & 12 students at the Cunnamulla State School to improve their school attendance and academic outcomes.

At the commencement of the school year students were given the challenge.

95% school attendance throughout the year.
Hand in all required school work on time.
Respect for teachers and elders.
Fundraise for the trip.
The students got to choose the destination.


The Students chose Vanuatu as their destination. With a lot of hard work from Wayne and Jane Dillon, the students run raffles, carwash and numerious disco’s to raise dollars towards the trip.

A huge thanyou to NULON, as a major sponsor.

All thanking Cunnamulla Blue Light Committee and friends of Wayne and Jane Dillon and Eagle EDGE Solutions that contributed to help make the trip a reality.

Out of the students that committed to the program four students were eligible to go on the trip, for one young lady she will have to wait a little longer, due to a hic up with her passport.

2013 will see students again given a challenge to do well. It is amazing what young people can do when they have dreams and goals; and people to help them along the way to see their dreams becomes a reality.



The Outback Aviation Program

Eagle Edge Solution is seeking to develop an Outback Aviation Program for South-West Queensland for 2012- 2015. The need for such an aviation program has been expressed by individuals, property owners and professionals working within the industry. At present there are very limited aviation training facilities West of Toowoomba. The greatest need, however, is for Indigenous and disadvantaged rural youth and adults to gain skills and experience that will result in them gaining employment.

Eagle EDGE Solutions (EES) is therefore seeking support from government, non-government and philanthropic organisations who will partner with EES and enable this innovative aviation program become a reality.

Target Group:

Indigenous High School Age Students.
Indigenous Youth disengaged from School
Indigenous Adults who are unemployed.
Disadvantaged non Indigenous youth and adults from properties and small communities in South West Queensland.

About Eagle Edge Solutions

EES is driven by by the conviction that:


Eagle Edge Solutions exists to empower people for life.
EES is a not for profit organisation and is DGR approved by Australian tax office.

What qualifies Eagle Edge Solutions to run this program?

Wayne Dillon
Is a qualified commercial pilot with 30 years’ experience in PNG and Outback Australia
Trade qualification in metal Fabrication.
10 years’ experience in fiberglass fabrication and repairs.
Qualified flight instructor. RA-Aus Licence 030282
Cert 4 in training and assessing.

The pilot training to commence in 2012 with qualified Instructors.
Training towards RA- AUS L 2 Maintenance authorisation certificate
Work experience opportunities and field trips to Aircraft Fabricators – Queensland/NSW.
2013/14 Students involved in the restoration of a two seater training aircraft.
Those participating within the program will be given their first flights.
The aircraft restoration will be supervised by qualified aircraft engineers.

The goals of the program.
To get ten people qualified with pilot certificate in 2012 (trained to fly solo).
To provide flight training to the wider community across South-West Queensland.
To equip Indigenous and non- Indigenous Youth and Adults with skills that they could never hope for outside this program.
To promote employment opportunities in aerial mustering
To provide an alternative educational program for High School Students (in Manual Arts Studies)
To allow for further educational opportunities in aircraft fabrication and maintenance
To provide work experience in the Aviation/Engineering Industry.